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All upright and grand pianos are personally selected by our expert technicians, in first-class 'A1' condition, tuned, fully serviced, and warrantied.

More pianos arriving all the time!

Upright Pianos

Starting from $6,500

Grands Pianos

Starting from $26,000

Yamaha U3 Series

 UX30, UX50, UX300, U3, U3A, U3H, U30A, U30BL, U300...

Yamaha U1 Series

UX1, UX10, U1A, U10, U10A, U10BL, U100, MC90, YU1...

Kawai uprights

 US50, US55, US6X, BS25, BS2A, BS3A, DS65, XO2, OP32...

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Yamaha C Series

C1, C2, C3, C3X, C5...

Yamaha G Series

G1, G2, G3...

Kawai RX, NX, KG Series

KG1, KG2, KG3, RX2, NX40...

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AUPC tuning fork

All of our pianos have had minimal use since new, and have original factory components.

Each instrument comes with a minimum 5-year warranty, a good quality piano stool, delivery*, and a complimentary tuning and check-over by Glenn & Anthony. We have large stocks of Yamaha and Kawai upright and grand pianos, and can regularly source used European brands such as Steinway and Sons.

*Delivery is included for Auckland addresses to ground-floor.

Our pianos include a broad range of models designed to meet the requirements of pianists at all levels.


Contact us to visit our showrooms.

Available 7 days by appointment only.

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